jean marie massaud: airberg sofa for OFFECCTthough filled with a padding material, the ‘airberg’ sofa and chair appear as if they have been inflated with air



both ‘airberg’ sofa and chair consist of a structural case which give the overall impression of being inflated with air, but in reality is filled with a flexible padding material. it is the outcome of jean-marie massaud‘s desire to break the conventions of what typical seating objects look – to develop comfortable piece of furniture whose form suggests that of an ‘air-filled’ iceberg. still in the prototyping phase and not yet ready for production, the french designer collaborated with swedish manufacturer OFFECCT on the project. the first result to come out of the brand’s ‘OFFECCT lab’ – an initiative designed to concentrate on the brand’s efforts in the development of new solutions and products – the deconstruction of ‘airberg’ is defined by its asymmetry and craftsmanship.

jean marie massaud: airberg sofa for OFFECCTthe seats are defined by their asymmetrical form

jean marie massaud: airberg sofa for OFFECCTthough the objects look as if they are inflated with air, they are in fact filled with a padded material for seating comfort

jean marie massaud: airberg sofa for OFFECCT

jean-marie massaudportrait © designboom


 jean marie massaud: airberg sofa for OFFECCTjean-marie massaud’s sketch of his ‘air-filled iceberg’ seating concept


jean marie massaud: airberg sofa for OFFECCTan arrangement of multiple pieces could appear as a landscape of icebergs