jean nouvel portrait © designboom

french architect jean nouvel created a new partition wall system for the italian office furniture company methis. it is formed by a continuous sort of corrugated skin that does away with both vertical and horizontal joints.

‘creating architecture,’ affirms jean nouvel, ‘means imbuing personal’s creation, be it a building, a piece of furniture or a garden, with the values of one’s own culture and civilization. when he designs an object or a piece of furniture, I first thinks about functionality and about achieving an elementary design that corresponds to the essence of things.’

during milan design week 2010, ‘hook wall’ was on show at the methis exhibition in the superstudio più.

jean nouvel hook wall for methis ‘hook’ wall places the office in a new context

with jean nouvel’s hook, the partition becomes a continuous wall, while the wall turns into a complete device with infinite potential that can be outfitted with a comprehensive range of accessories all designed to make the contemporary office more comfortable. hook differs from the conventional, passive performance provided by a wall as it can become a highly functional furnishing element for storing, filing, exhibiting, communicating and supporting.

jean nouvel hook wall for methis a wall that’s totally made of recycled and recyclable materials

beyond this innovative aesthetic value, hook is also at the forefront in terms of materials research, particularly as far as sustainable solutions go: the wall is thoroughly realized with recycled materials or with easy-to-recycle ones such as aluminum, glass and latest generation fiberchalk slabs with excellent sound-insulation and sound-absorption performance.

the use of these materials make it possible to reach excellent features in the field of fire reaction thanks to the total lack of plastic lining; furthermore, the high fire resistance makes it possible to use the product also in places to keep safe in case of fire or for escape routes.

jean nouvel hook wall for methis created as ideal for controlling the microclimatic temperature and humidity conditions of the air.

the aluminum corrugated skin with the below air flow cavity and the fiber chalk slabs also serve as a natural and efficient heat exchanger, also allowing for the invisible integration of radiating heating and cooling low consumption elements, thanks to the wide active available surface.

this direct temperature and humidity control also guarantees within offices a high level of micro-climatic well being.

jean nouvel hook wall for methis ‘hook wall’

jean nouvel hook wall for methis jean nouvel portrait © designboomjean nouvel hook wall for methis jean nouvel started the research for the ‘hook’ wall from visual concepts of computer data cards …

jean nouvel hook wall for methis … and musical staff lines.