unless you are living under a rock, you are probably aware of the appearance and subsequent disappearance of mysterious monoliths in different parts of the world. a plethora of theories have sparked following the random pop-up of these sculptures, from aliens placing them to it being just a prank. the monolith turned out to be a source of curiosity for some, while for others like jeep, it became an opportunity to launch a quirky advertisement.

in the utah monolith a charging station? jeep seems to think so
images by jeep



created by advertising agency highdive for jeep, the meme campaign repurposed the monoliths into charging stations for its recently unveiled jeep wrangler 4xe. after shooting the social media posts, they all broke records, becoming viral in different outlets. for example, on facebook, the post received the most reactions and shares to date on the jeep channel. twitter and instagram also showed great results, being the third most liked post on jeep’s instagram channel in 2020; and the third tweet with most reactions so far in 2020 also for jeep.

in the utah monolith a charging station? jeep seems to think so



the ad shows the shiny utah monolith turned into a charging station plugged to the electric jeep. the results are just perfect, because if there’s a car that could take you to explore off-road places like the ones where the monoliths were placed, it would most definitely be a wrangler.



project info:


name: jeep monolith ad

created by: highdive

created for: jeep