‘LED-bamboo’ by jeff dah-yue shi  all images courtesy of jeff dah-yue shi of dragonfly design center




with his incorporation of bamboo and dimmable LEDs into a wall, ceiling and floor luminaire, taiwanese designer jeff dayu shi of dragonfly design center has won the taiwan design center‘s award for the 2011 gold pin design mark. jeff dah-yue shi discussed his design and the possibilities of bamboo fibers during hong kong’s business of design week(BODW). each of the rhombus forms has an LED at its bases as the lighting source, covered with tempered glass and faced with a thin bamboo veneer. the use of these materials allows the light to shine through when the luminaire is turned on, while blending into the surface when it is off.

jeff da-yu shi: LED bamboo lightingview of space with LED lights on (left) and off (right)




due to the patterns and three levels of color intensity, the modular application creates an optical illusion, appearing to be three dimensional. functioning simultaneously as a structural component and a recessed lighting system, the product is designed for environments ranging from high-end clubs to offices and residential space.

jeff da-yu shi: LED bamboo lightingdetail of the bamboo pieces 



jeff da-yu shi: LED bamboo lighting LED bamboo lamp



for a smaller lighting system, dah-yue shi designed the bamboo tube LED lamp. the simple cylindrical form makes it easier for manufacturers to produce, as well as lessens the amount of material consumption. a thin bamboo veneer covers specifically placed perforations,  giving the LED bulb inside a warmer glow.  the tubing itself is made from rolled bamboo sheets, making the structure crack-proof. a magnetic base allows the lamps to be attached to any surface including walls and ceilings, appearing to defy gravity. the force is strong enough that the lamp can be pushed, pulled, and otherwise readjusted along the surface. 



jeff da-yu shi: LED bamboo lightinglight off, 60% and 100%


jeff da-yu shi: LED bamboo lighting portrait of jeff shi image © designboom



jeff dah-yue shi discusses the design of the project



BODW is asia’s leading annual event on design, innovation and branding is organized by the hong kong design centre (HKDC) since 2002. bringing the best of the global design world to hong kong, the week-long event encourages businesses to unleash the power of design by focusing on the vital relationship and complex interplay between design and business.