jeff dayu shi forms complex curvatures for bamboo chair you xian
images courtesy of jeff dayu shi




informed by classic chinese furniture, designer jeff dayu shi (founder of dragonfly design center) has interpreted traditional forms through a modern aesthetic in the creation of ‘chair you xian’. this latest bamboo creation by shi embodies the philosophy that design should include appropriate application of natural materials and quality craftsmanship that is relevant to cultural development and the environment.

the ‘rocker’ edition of ‘chair you xian’




‘chair you xian’ is presented alongside shi’s lifestyle collections and music room (previously featured by designboom) for the exhibition ‘the enlightenment of tea, bamboo & music’ during beijing design week 2015 at the city’s ullens center for contemporary art. as its name suggests, ‘chair you xian’ — or ‘official’s hat chair’ — has a sculpted back rest that mimics the configuration of the winged seat, dating back to song dynasty. shi extends the traditional interpretation of such a style by interlocking 16 bamboo slats with complex curvatures that join the crest rails with arm rests. the intersecting area displays a hollow pattern that creates a supportive head rest.

the bamboo material has been transformed to exhibit metal-like properties




two styles, a rocker and grounded version, both feature a flexible back rail made of five bamboo panels, extending into opposing sides as arm rests — an arrangement which promotes a healthy sitting posture. the cushioning bamboo seat is achieved through double layered bamboo slats of varying thickness, supporting the user in a stable and comfortable manner. ‘chair you xian’ had been treated with natural lacquer, so it appears darker in color, with an added layer of natural protection to prolong its lifespan.

the seat features complex curvatures and simple linear and contour outlines

the ‘grounded’ edition of ‘chair you xian’

the cushioning bamboo seat is achieved by double layered bamboo slats of varying thickness

the chair had been treated with natural lacquer, so it appears darker in color

the flexible back rail consists of five bamboo panels

detail of the sculpted back rest, which appears like a traditional winged official’s hat

the contemporary bamboo chair highlights the beauty of traditional bamboo weaving

detail of the back rest on exhibit at the ullens center for contemporary art
image © designboom

‘chair you xian’ presented during beijing design week 2015
image © designboom