jet capsule’s highly maneuverable reptile cruises at up to 50 knots
all images courtesy of jet capsule




italian brand jet capsule, is happy to introduce the ‘reptile’. the unit now features a complete carbon fiber shell and reinforced hull. it’s about 500kg lighter than standard versions and total weight remains under two tons–stock 2495kg. the ‘reptile’ is painted with tri-tone mixed green, a bold color not often seen on the water. an improved engine, the illmor MV8, has a peak power of 570 HP at 6000 RPM.

finished ‘reptile’




increased power of the motor and decreased weight give the capsule heightened maneuverability and a maximum speed of up to 50 knots. in addition, the hull underwent slight modifications to increase stability for high-speed cornering. all seats are equipped with anti-shock suspension systems and the interior can be customizable with italian alcantara or leather. the ‘reptile’ is tailor-made and assembled in italy

rear carbon doors

exterior finish 


carbon dashboard and cockpit

assembly in the shipyard

tri-tone painting procedure

inside the shipyard

ready for a test run

in the water

riding the waves


video courtesy of jet capsule



tech details:


overall length: 7.55 m
waterline length: 5.8 m
maximum width: 3.54 m
hull width: 3.38 m
waterline width: 3.00 m
maximum immersion: 0.50 m
dry displacement: 1.90 t
displacement at full load: 2.60 t (9ps)
fuel capacity: 350 l
engine installed: 1x illmor MV8 570 hp
jet propulsion system: hamilton jet waterjet
maximum speed: 50 * (limited*) knots
cruising speed at full load (9ps): 32 (*) knots
autonomy: 200 nm
maximum load: 8 passengers + 1 pilot (9ps)



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