jet capsule updates U.F.O houseboat for open water
jet capsule updates U.F.O houseboat for open water
nov 15, 2016

jet capsule updates U.F.O houseboat for open water


after the development of the water jet capsule and the first ‘unidentified floating’ object, pierpaolo lazzarini from italy-based jet capsule proposes the U.F.O 2.0 — a futuristic fiberglass floating structure. with a total surface of 314 sq. m and spanning twenty meters in diameter, the luxurious houseboat seems to be coming straight out of a sci-fi movie.

jet capsule u f o houseboat designboom
U.F.O 2.0 sub-structure



jet capsule‘s U.F.O 2.0 is composed of a central shell divided into three different levels: the main living area (80 sq m) with kitchen, storage and bathroom; the sub level (50 sq m) with a seabed view bedroom and large bathroom with a 50 sq.m terrace as an upper deck/floor to control the vehicle.

jet capsule u f o houseboat designboom
overview of the floating fiberglass structure by jet capsule



the possibilities of usage and layouts are unlimited for this proposed model; the U.F.O 2.0 can be used for a number of purposes including hotel reception, gym or a floating restaurant. furthermore, the external deck can be customized into garden platforms and teak can be installed instead of panels.





the houseboat is equipped with 2 x 80 hp electric engines that are able to move the floating structure with an estimated maximum speed of nine knots.
inside the disk, sixteen batteries are installed with solar panels and wind/water turbine — providing an unlimited autonomy to the floating U.F.O 2.0.

jet capsule updates U.F.O houseboat for open water
the U.F.O 2.0 as a tanning platform



jet capsule is organizing a kickstarter campaign set for the next couple of weeks, with the possibility to spend a night in the houseboat or just contribute for the construction of the first unit. the first delivery (by helicopter) is expected early 2018.

jet capsule u f o houseboat designboom
UFO resort

jet capsule u f o houseboat designboom
proposed port for the fiberglass houseboat

jet capsule updates U.F.O houseboat for open water

jet capsule updates U.F.O houseboat for open water

jet capsule u f o houseboat designboom
evening parties or receptions can take place on the 314 sq.m vehicle

jet capsule updates U.F.O houseboat for open water
expected delivery of the houseboats, via helicopters, is set for 2018

the multi-layered process: measurements and details



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  • Would you be interested in manufacturing in Michigan with Big 3 auto makers backing? Please call me at 810-309-6190. Thank, You, Ken Lewis

    ken lewis
  • Please email me if you’d be interested in manufacturing in Flint, Michigan. We’d get the Big 3 automakers to back us since Michigan is in the middle of The Great Lakes with Ocean access. This would be a great promotional spot and experimental spot for jet capsules. We need to explore our waters and enjoy a new housing industry with space exploration advances. Thank You, Ken Lewis ph. 810-309-6190

    Ken Lewis
  • There should be no need for shutters as the windows would undoubtably be made from a lexan or acrylic type panel that would be at least as strong as the hull itself .It would probably require a buffing every few years for scratches ,but would be quite forgiving on clarity as it would be constantly submerged. Preventing it from sinking would be quite easy also with auto deployed air bags should the sub cabin fill below the water line .

  • What does a U.F.O houseboat cost please? Is there a sales outlet in Australia?

  • If the sub-area windows and those above have shutters to seal them. Like when a storm catches them unable to outrun it, seal all the windows with reinforced metal alloy shutters. Also the solar panels aren’t completely covered in the image above so they are still generating power. With the new liquid coating, the entire surface could produce energy via solar.

  • The idea is fantastic. I just wonder how they will produce such a huge underwater window, besides some little concerns what’s going to happen if you t-o-u-c-h a rock. Due to the lack of bulkheads I’d say it might just sink? Perhaps they have inflatable life rafts. And the idea with the solar panels is not really working if people sunbath on them or you’re shading them with umbrellas.

  • geniale BRAVO!!


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