jin kuramoto showcases wind room dividers for offecct at 2016 stockholm furniture fair
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tokyo designer jin kuramoto creates abstract room dividers called ‘wind’ for swedish furniture company offecct. the conceptual shapes can be seen as a celebration of the allure of nature. kuramoto captured the organic shapes of a forest that also controls acoustics like a kind of tuner which will make the surrounding environment more pleasant and friendly.

currently in five variations, colors and fabrics. the dividers are influenced by nature
image courtesy of offecct




as always, the designer’s influences come from the raw appearances of nature. ‘there are no more perfects shapes than those of a snowflake, a bee hide or a leaf,’ describes kuramoto. ‘I think that it will be very nice to have these room dividers as reminders of nature’s beauty in a hospital or a large office landscape, for example. they also make it possible to speak in private even in acoustically chaotic environments.’ the offecct ‘wind’ room dividers are being exhibited at the 2016 stockholm furniture fair from february 9th to the 13th. 

jin-kuramoto-offecct-wind-room-dividers-stockholm-furniture-fair-2016-designboom-03image courtesy of offecct jin-kuramoto-offecct-wind-room-dividers-stockholm-furniture-fair-2016-designboom-04image courtesy of offecct jin-kuramoto-offecct-wind-room-dividers-stockholm-furniture-fair-2016-designboom-05image courtesy of offecct jin-kuramoto-offecct-wind-room-dividers-stockholm-furniture-fair-2016-designboom-06image courtesy of offecct jin-kuramoto-offecct-wind-room-dividers-stockholm-furniture-fair-2016-designboom-07image courtesy of offecct jin-kuramoto-offecct-wind-room-dividers-stockholm-furniture-fair-2016-designboom-08image courtesy of offecctOFFECCT-wind-jin-karamuto-stockholm-furniture-fair-designboom-05
placed next to christopher pillet’s montparnasse chair, the panels are finished in sound absorbing fabric
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designed with versatility, they could be utilized in different interior environments
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grouped together, the dividers create a forest of organic shapes
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designer jin kuramoto at the stockholm furniture fair
image © designboom