jin kuramoto studio repurposes common wire mesh to create this 'net bench'

jin kuramoto studio repurposes common wire mesh to create this 'net bench'

jin kuramoto explores metal mesh in design


demonstrating experimental material practices and forward-thinking technology, jin kuramoto studio presents this net bench. the chair was designed as part of the ‘higashiosaka factories’ project, which kicked off with the aim of creating and distributing the diverse technologies and innovative manufacturing of higashiosaka. the designer created the bench together with japanese company kyowa steel, which manufactures diamond or rhombic-shaped wire netting. through the use of this new wire material, the net bench came to life.

jin kuramoto net benchimages © jin kuramoto studio



the modular net bench


jin kuramoto studio (see more here) shapes the net bench as a modular system, combining solid, sturdy elements with the organic metal mesh. this modular condition allows for the user to adjust the length of the bench and its segments.


after developing the bench for the higashiosaka factories (see more here), the japanese designer comments: ‘when I visited the factory and touched the diamond-shaped wire net, it was different from my image of cold and inorganic metal wire. on touch, it was almost soft, and its heaviness gave me a warmth. it reminded me of my childhood days, the feeling of climbing up a metal fence, with it rubbing on my leg, the sound of a kicked ball hitting the fence, leaning up against the wire etc… those kind of materials.’


afterwards, I came up with the idea for a modular bench, which has similar warm characteristics. it has a delicate and sharp look, but softens and supports your body when you sit down in it. due to the manufacturing characteristics of diamond-shaped wire netting, it is possible to adjust its length freely, and we made a modular bench which can be adjusted to various lengths, according to use and situation.’


jin kuramoto net bench



a common material with an innovative application


jin kuramoto studio’s net bench sees the use of rhombic wire mesh, a material which has seen a variety of uses outside of furniture design. such a familiar material has been seen at playground fences, and along the faces of cliffs to prevent falling rocks. the factory which manufactures the netting produces materials for such a variety of uses, from large-scale public works to residential interiors.


higashiosaka focuses both on the production and delivery of the material, along with the development of new products using its own wire mesh. this project represents the attitude of the company’s representative mr. morinaga, which is one that seeks to challenge manufacturing. the team notes: ‘we decided to develop new products using wire mesh based on this communicative attitude for this project.

jin kuramoto net benchthe material recalls childhood memories of playground fencing

jin kuramoto net bench
the modular system allows the user to freely adjust the length of the seat

jin kuramoto studio repurposes common wire mesh to create this 'net bench'
the bench combines elements that are both heavy and soft

jin kuramoto studio repurposes common wire mesh to create this 'net bench'the strong wire net allows the seat to remain light

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