‘bug story’ secret box by jingfeng fang

interested in the way physical traces evoke our memories in a way that is at once humorous and interesting as well as reflective and accepting, designer jingfeng fang drew his visual inspiration for his ‘bug story‘ boxes from a piece of wood eaten by worms that he saw at naturhistoriska museet in gothenburg.

‘bug story’ combine crafts and design with distinctive storytelling to make an object looks exclusive. each piece is indeed unique, as fang used a hand drill on the boxes to mimic the traces of furniture eaten by bugs.

‘bug story’ was presented at stockholm furniture fair 2011, as part of ‘the collector’ exhibition of works by graduate students at the HDK school of design and crafts.

 jingfeng fang: bug story the traces inside mimic the look of bug-eaten wood

 jingfeng fang: bug story side view

jingfeng fang: bug story top view

jingfeng fang: bug story the traces increase from the top box to the bottom one

jingfeng fang: bug story fang used a hand drill to make the trace of furniture eaten by bugs on the boxes

 jingfeng fang: bug story fang came up with the idea after seeing a piece of wood eaten by worms at naturhistoriska museet in gothenburg

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