jiwoong jung’s watch concept swaps the hour hand for a gradient 
(above) hidden time
all images courtesy of jiwoong jung




seoul-based designer jiwoong jung’s work ranges from lighting and furniture to product and personal projects. on this occasion, he presents us ‘hidden time’, a concept for a wristwatch that proposes a minimalist design that uses a new method to indicate time. in his timepiece, the hour hand is swapped by a gradient that slowly cycles around to denote time, gradually becoming darker from one o’clock to twelve o’clock. ‘hidden time’ proposes a simple yet utterly elegant way to keep on schedule.


the wristwatch is proposed in two different models: brushed metal with black leather, and in brass.

this wristwatch has no hour hand


video courtesy of jung

shifting color gradient

jiwoong jung's watch concept swaps the hour hand for a gradient
brushed metal , black leather

brass type 

a detail of the hidden time



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