jo nagasaka of schemata weaves optic fibers into luminous installation for kinnasand
all images by nacasa & partners




to celebrate the launch of swedish textile company kinnasand‘s new ‘ZOOM’ collection, jo nagasaka of schemata architects created a luminous installation presented at the brand’s showroom during tokyo design week. composed of three tube-like forms, each one stands independently and have been crafted using a delicate white fabric from kinnasand’s latest collection.


‘our professional mission as architects is to make something ‘stand’. in this installation, we decided not to ‘hang’ the fabric but make it ‘stand’ on its own as a three-dimensional object.’jo nagasaka

three delicate and different sized forms were made out of kinnasand’s latest collection




strands of optic fiber were woven into the fabric to highlight the transparency of the cylindrical structures to create three ‘loops’. this addition reinforced the overall surface strength, allowing the installation to produce a glowing effect, and stimulate a gentle, bouncing movement which effectively influenced the project’s name – ‘boingboing’.


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the installation will be presented during milan design week at the kinnasand showroom during 12-15 april, 2016 and 16-17 april, 10:00 – 19:00

jo-nagasaka-schemata-kinnasand-installation-tokyo-designweek-designboom-02the delicate structures stand independently

jo-nagasaka-schemata-kinnasand-installation-tokyo-designweek-designboom-02the installation creates multiple visual layers, emphasizing the translucency of the fabric

jo-nagasaka-schemata-kinnasand-installation-tokyo-designweek-designboom-02optical fiber strands were woven into the fabric, reinforcing the surface strength

the combination of fabric absorbs and responds to external forces in their entirety without partial deformation

jo-nagasaka-schemata-kinnasand-installation-tokyo-designweek-designboom-02the installation was crafted with the white WAVER textile

the glowing structure displayed in kinnasand’s showroom in tokyo



project info:


title: boingboing / kinnasand installation
date: 24 octover – 3 november, 2015
address: kvadrat japan showroom / 3-4-6 minami aoyama, minato-ku, tokyo
architect: jo nagasaka / schemata architects
project team: toshihisa aida + kotaro shimada
usage: installation
construction: schemata architects + kvadrat
structure: textile (waver col.0001 / kinnasand) and optical fiber