‘bra cups’

joana meroz is a graduate of the ceramics department at the gerrit rietveld academy in amsterdam and is currently studying at the design academy in eindhoven. she has sent in some of her unique projects which blend design with craft production. her ceramic ‘bra cups’ are a clever play on one of nature’s essential food sources. the ‘lace colanders’ combine the decorative elements of the plate with the functionality of a drain to create a unique colander. ‘in&out tableware’ continues on this theme and ‘drain eye-catchers’ add a whimsical touch to the most banal of kitchen tools. joana was also one of the participants in our ‘handled with care’ ceramics exhibition.

joana meroz: ceramics ‘bra cups’

joana meroz: ceramics ‘lace colanders’

joana meroz: ceramics ‘in&out tableware’

joana meroz: ceramics ‘drain eye-catchers’

joana meroz: ceramics ‘drain eye-catchers’