‘tableau’ by john kestner

john kestner‘s ‘tableau’ bridges the divide between physical and digital media. any photograph that is placed in its drawer is automatically scanned and posted to its twitter account; likewise, digital images posted to its twitter feed appear in the drawer as physical photographs. the project was on display at the saint-étienne biennale 2010, as part of the ‘demain c’est aujourd’hui #3’ exhibit.

john kestner: tableau the drawer knob glows and shifts colors

‘tableau’ eliminates the ordinary trappings of electronics. the only outward suggestion of technology is the paper tray, created from an old cable knob. the table itself is constructed of reclaimed materials and electronics saved from the landfill. it is designed so that it may be reprogrammed and re-purposed, in contrast to typical consumer electronics.

john kestner: tableau paper tray at the back of ‘tableau’

john kestner: tableau

john kestner: tableau front view

video of ‘tableau’