‘drink link’ by joon lee

the ‘drink link’ tea set by eindhoven-based designer joon lee is an exploration of the way we socialize and share with one another around the kitchen table. looking at old artifacts when designing the tableware, the set consists of a teapot directly connecting its cups, subsequently literally linking each of the people drinking to each other. synthetic rope is wrapped around the vessels and hardened through a heating process, while the linkages to the cups remain flexible. this arrangement encourages individuals to stay within a distance of one another, sharing in drink and conversation.

‘by mimicking a historical artifact through using a different methodology and material, I created my own interpretation of the traditional delft blue porcelain,’ says joon lee.

joon lee: drink link tea set the teapot and cups are connected to one another through synthetic rope that is wrapped around their bodies

joon lee: drink link tea set