JSN design assembles diamond-shaped tiles into chair
image © jonas søndergaard nielsen
all images courtesy of jonas søndergaard nielsen





danish furniture designer jonas søndergaard nielsen has produced the flexible ’tile chair’ through an assemblage of diamond-shaped pieces. presented in the greenhouse of the stockholm furniture fair 2014, the product has upholstery applied to the front side from kvadrat, with back walnut veneer used for its underside. the project began through a process of researching a shape that is able to offer a level of flexibility needed to offer optimal comfort and strength. the form is held together using a piece of fabric between the upholstery and the decorative tiles on the backside. this structure gives the chair its unique flexibility, similar to the way hinges work together. the chair shapes gently to one’s back while sitting on it and naturally follows movements of the body.



image © jonas søndergaard nielsen


image © jonas søndergaard nielsen


image © jonas søndergaard nielsen



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