‘biwa lamp’ collection by jun yasumoto all images courtesy jun yasumoto

recently we featured the phyto purification bathroom by japanese designer jun yasumoto. here are some more works of his including ‘biwa lamp’ and ‘reading lamp’.

jun yasumoto: lamps ‘biwa lamp’ ceiling lamp

the ‘biwa lamp’ collection is a series of ceiling and table lamps made with fabric, wood or plastic.

jun yasumoto: lamps ‘biwa lamp’ table lamp

jun yasumoto: lamps ‘reading lamp’

‘reading lamp’ is a light that shuts off when you put a book on it and that turns on when you take your book to read it.  it consists of polycarbonate, a compact fluorescent light and an electronic infra-red switch.

this was a group project developed with alban le henry, olivier pigasse and vincent vandenbrouck.

jun yasumoto: lamps ‘reading lamp’ shut off

jun yasumoto: lamps how the ‘reading lamp’ works