‘copy the spirit!’ is a knife block which follows in the style of lucio fontana’s ‘concetto spatiale’, 1959

‘copy the spirit!’ by jungmee lee from korea is one of the 150 shortlisted entries from the recent designboom competition ‘the intelligent hand’ in collaboration with macef.

‘there are diverse ways to appreciate art work. looking at van gogh’s paintings, I feel the movements of his natural-colored atoms as they are. looking at quint buchholz’s illustrations, I’m surrounded by a fantastic space.’ – JL

‘copy the spirit!’ recaptures the work of ‘concetto spatiale’, 1959 by lucio fontana. lee wanted to create a moment of movement to another dimension within the kitchen space, for the holder of a kitchen knife. though lucio fontana completed his work by cutting only once, his cut required concentration and a certain level of craftsmanship. to emulate fontana’s precision in his own version on wood, lee needed to use a different type of craftsmanship, repeatedly using sandpaper to create the right look.

‘if his (fontana’s) work had been created so that the two-dimensional space could move to the three-dimensional space, I would hope that individuals experience a feeling of travelling into the space of lucio fontana’s painting through ‘copy the spirit!’‘ – JL

the jury is almost finished making their selections and the results of the competition will be unveiled on january 15th, 2010.

jungmee lee: copy the spirit‘copy the spirit’ displays as a work of art within the kitchen space

jungmee lee: copy the spirit‘copy the spirit’ by jungmee lee

jungmee lee: copy the spirit l: ‘concetto spatiale’, 1959 by lucio fontana r: lucio fontana at work