using traditional korean hanji paper, seoul based jungmo seungyeon uncovers their latest woven lamp collection. these distinct lighting pieces bring about an elegant combination of texture and color.

the woven lamps are made out of traditional korean hanji paper 



through the korea craft & design foundation (KCDF), jungmo seungyeon had the opportunity to visit several workshops from jeonju in south korea which is one of the country’s hanji producing areas. afterwards, the team found the ideal pattern for their design which is created by overlapping the hanji papers. several prototypes and drawings have been developed based on that first idea; when a light shines on, it looks like a tightly woven fabric in harmony with the texture of the hanji.

full spread view



the final woven lamp collection offers two patterns; when the lamp is on, horizontal and vertical lines intersect — creating harmony and clarity when looking at the hanji paper. in other words, the overall effect gives off a soft, intimate and warm feeling to any setting

based on several workshops, the team has decided to adopt the unique woven patterns of hanji to lighting 

when the light is on, vertical and horizontal patterns intersect into a harmonious design 

jungmo seungyeon woven lamp designboom
detail showing the gradation of patterns and colors 

jungmo seungyeon woven lamp designboom
the lighting generates an intimate and warm ambiance 

woven lamp collection, spread view 

jungmo seungyeon woven lamp designboom
overlapping design of the lighting series 

jungmo seungyeon's woven lamp embeds korean hanji patterns
based on the first prototype, it was decided to use the offset printing technology to create the woven lamps 

jungmo seungyeon's woven lamp embeds korean hanji patterns
design process, experimenting with overlaps and colors 

jungmo seungyeon woven lamp designboom
drawing and concept phase 

jungmo seungyeon woven lamp designboom
developing the first prototype



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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom