one model offers the entire color palette of the spacephone in a single phone

in the age of hi-tech smartphones, russian cellphone company just5 has developed ‘spacephone’ as a means of simplifying the mobile phone to the very basics – to make calls, receive and send SMS and catch one’s attention. available in five neon-fruit colors: deep space, pink space, orange space, lime space and menthol space, these bright tones have been selected to enliven the silver-and-black humdrum of mobile phone users. there is also a model that offers the whole palette in one.

just5: spacephone the available color palette of ‘spacephones’

the communication device offers five basic features: ease of operation, big buttons, amplified sound, a long-lasting battery for reliability and an emergency SOS button. ‘spacephone’ is a ‘smarter phone’ with basic functionality. there are no frills or apps available for the phone, and calling plans are simple and affordable.

just5: spacephone the phone comes with a candy-orange charger that will never get lost among boring black wires image © designboom

just5: spacephone stacked profile image © designboom

just5: spacephone back view image © designboom

just5: spacephone ‘SOS’ button image © designboom

the phone features an ‘SOS’ button which acts as a personal emergency response system. the button automatically calls your emergency contacts.

just5: spacephone ‘spacephone’ packaging