justin poulsen shocks clients with severed USB thumb drives
all images courtesy of justin poulsen




for his 2015 promotional mailer, toronto-based photographer justin poulsen surprised his potential clients with a remarkably realistic and literal interpretation of a thumb drive. a series of severed fingers (silicon, of course) are each embedded with USB keys — when plugged into a computer port, they offers the surreal image of a bodily extremity strangely protruding from digital device. poulsen has each individually handcrafted each object using a variety of paint colors to mimic everything from cuticle color to dried blood. all 50 specimens are completely unique, embodying a truly personal pursuit at impressing, and likely shocking, viewers of his professional portfolio. take a look the video below to see how they were all made.

justin poulsen handmade severed usb thumb drives
all 50 specimens are completely unique

justin poulsen handmade severed usb thumb drives
everything from cuticle color to dried blood has been painted on the surface of the thumbs

a ‘loading thumbs’ gif has been included as part of the presentation

flipping fingers animation shows the many sided of the thumbs

justin poulsen handmade severed usb thumb drives
the promotional kit sent out by the photographer to prospective clients



behind the scenes of justin poulsen photography’s 2015 promo
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