‘monocart’, a transformable multi-use cart designed by ka wai ng




‘monocart’, the work of kong -based industrial designer ka wai ng, is a multi-purpose cart, featuring a basic frame unto which components can be attached to transform it into a stroller, shopper, luggage carrier, seat, or other device.



ka wai ng: monocart view of several storage modes of ‘monocart’




the central frame of ‘monocart’ can be structured in one of three positions: ‘folded mode’, the two-wheeled ‘stand mode’, or the four-wheeled ‘open mode’. each configuration takes different accessories, ranging from open and closed storage containers to seating, to customize its use in a range of context.





ka wai ng: monocart range of shoppers and crates




ng’s previous training as a mechanical engineer informed his design of ‘monocart’, which utilizes a series of locks and other stabilizing mechanism to ensure safe use despite its transformability.



ka wai ng: monocart use case: luggage transport



ka wai ng: monocart use case: walker



ka wai ng: monocart use case: wheeled seating



ka wai ng: monocart use case: stroller



ka wai ng: monocart view of example accessory components



ka wai ng: monocart views of base, in extended and folded modes, with seating attachment



ka wai ng: monocart left to right: folded mode, stand mode, open mode



depiction of the process of transforming ‘monocart’