‘hommage á sigurd lewerentz’ by mats theselius 

swedish furniture manufacturer kallemo has shown their 2012 collection at the stockholm furniture fair 2012. ranging from larger pieces to accessories, the series features limited edition items.

set inside an ebony armrest and held up by a coppered steelframe, designer mats theselius has created a limited edition easychair known as ‘hommage á sigurd lewerentz’. during a visit by theselius to the petri chruch in klippan by late architect sigurd lewerentz, they happened to be replacing the old copper roof. it is with these recovered parts that the outside of the chair is formed.

‘the chair is very ‘non upholstered’. it consists of many independent parts not very much relating to each other, but together they form the chair. this is also how I experience the architecture. to the chair there is also a special designed and jacquard woven textile related to the mosaic floor pattern like an alter cloth. the chair is made in a limited edition of 123 pieces. this is how many copperplates we recovered.‘ -mats theselius

kallemo at stockholm furniture fair 2012 detail of copper body and woven fabric  overall measurement: 74H x 61D x 60W cm (28 x 24 x 23.5 inches)

kallemo at stockholm furniture fair 2012 coated copper plates from petri church 

kallemo at stockholm furniture fair 2012 ‘mama look’ by anna kraitz  available in two dimensions: 90H x 47D x 80W cm (35WH x 18.5D x 31.5W inches) and 110H x 42D x 52W (43H x 16.5D x 20.5W inches)

swedish designer anna kraitz has created a playful variation on the classic dresser with ‘mama look’. instead of the traditional metal handle, the chest of drawers has braided leather handles, available in both bright yellow and a more conservative black. 

kallemo at stockholm furniture fair 2012 detail of braided leather handle

kallemo at stockholm furniture fair 2012 ‘telegraph road’ coathanger by erika lagerbielke 190H x 40D x 68W cm (35H x 16D x 27W inches)

‘telegraph road’ by erika lagerbielke brings the outside in. the coathanger is available in natural ash or lacquered in born, orange or white. steel brackets secure the piece to the wall, giving it stability even when the clothes put on it are not evenly weighed on both sides. 

kallemo at stockholm furniture fair 2012 ‘imagine’ wall and floor mirror by anna kraitz (left) 102H x 65D cm (40H x 26D inches) (right) 184H x 84/58D cm (72H x 33/23D inches)

two distinct yet related mirrors entitled ‘imagine’ were developed by anna kraitz. available as both a floor and wall mirror, the frames are upholstered in fabric or leather with an embedded brass plate. 

kallemo at stockholm furniture fair 2012 detail of leather and fabric upholstering and embedded brass plate