the japanese company —KAMEI DESIGN— recently developed ‘the apple ladder’, a stool conceived in the spirit of apple cultivation. the concept behind the design pays tribute to the historical use of ladders in this particular agricultural activity. however, what makes the product much more significant to the company is the original developer of the ladder: the designer’s great-grandfather. from that perspective, having inherited the idea, the great grandson is still honoring the family’s history with his current line of apple-tree products. in other words, harmony and continuity have been successfully set between the four different generations of the family.

KAMEI DESIGN apple ladder furniture designboom
the stool’s apple-shape and familiar color pays tribute to the original ladder




KAMEI DESIGN‘s stool incorporates wood from apple (ringo) and hiba cypress trees found in aomori – a prefecture located in the northern parts of japan. this region is also home to the great grandfather’s initial conception and use of the ladder. the wooden finish provides elegance and delicacy to the product, which was achieved by skilled tshgaru artisans – alongside the kimura woodcraft factory in hirosaki, aomori prefecture.


‘we have created this stool, with our hearts full of gratitude for our progress within the apple industry… this sense of gratitude is incorporated into the material and shape’,  said takaaki kamei – founder of KAMEI DESIGN and designer of  the ‘apple ladder’ stool.

KAMEI DESIGN apple ladder furniture designboom
the stool shows great similarity to a cluster of apples



project info:


manufacturer : kimura woodcraft factory

designer : takaaki kamei



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