kappes gives MOMENTum to water droplets with gravity and air




tokyo-based creative studio kappes has designed ‘MOMENTum’, an installation piece, which incorporates elements found in the natural world that temporarily suspend the viewers perception of time. presented at salone satellite during milan design week 2014, the japanese collective’s work combines water, gravity, air and digital mechanisms to form a dynamic and kinetic sculpture.


the installation is controlled by a hidden computer, which manipulates the pumping speed, pressure and undulation of the water-repellent material’s surface. as water is sucked from a small embedded aperture on the pure white bowl, it circulates through a filter to be funnelled around the circular plane, and repeats automatically as the technological system redirects. synchronized sound and luminescence are revealed while water droplets move independently throughout the semi-sphere, both collecting in shallow pools and rapidly dispersing, forming delicate patterns and interpretive geometries.  the mesmerizing interaction between the liquid forms and the dance they perform on the smooth canvas invite the viewer to reconsider their own relationship with time, speed and space.


MOMENTum by kappes at milan design week
video courtesy of kappes

kappes momentuma small pool of water forms in the center of the material

kappes momentumgravity pulls the liquid towards the epicenter of the installation 



designboom discuss the MOMENTum installation with kappes
video © designboom

kappes momentum
the water-based installation moves with gravity, air and digital elements
image © designboom

kappes momentum
a circular plane placed within a white cube holds the moving water droplets 
image © designboom

kappes momentum
the opening to the tube emits small drops of water
image © designboomkappes momentum
droplets form on the surface of the installation
image © designboom 


update: kappes’s ‘MOMENTum’ is on show as part of the françois bernard curated ‘experiential’ exhibition at maison et objet 2014 from september 5th-9th (hall 7).