display on the upper floor of fun factory all images © karim rashid



‘fun factory’s’ flagship retail store, berlin, is a 200 sqm, two-floor sex toy boutique retail space whose interior has been designed by karim rashid.



karim rashid: fun factory berlin upper floor retail and café/lounge space



karim rashid’s concept for the store:


‘we are an organic machine of emotion and needs. sexual pleasure is one of the greatest proponents of our existence. it blurs needs and desires. once marginal and taboo like design, finally sex has become a public subject. the ubiquity of these subjects both have similarities such as performance, desire, form, seduction, beauty, and experience.


fun factory’s sexy toy forms are sculptural, sensual, organic, smart and tasteful. the fun factory store came from these objects and the idea of creating landscapes for toys, for play, and a multitude of sexual behaviors, and a blurring of these needs and desires. the space is a dynamic organism, fluid, technorganic, calming yet daring, sensual yet approachable, erotic yet inviting.


design is now shaping every aspect of living so the final frontier is to shape a better sex life.’ – globalove and globalust, karim



karim rashid: fun factory berlin



the upper level is the retail space and café/lounge covered in a patterned laminate flooring designed by karim rashid for parador, germany. rugs from rashid’s ‘touch me’ collection for stepevi, turkey along with his kouch sofa, ouch lounge chairs, kant stools, vad tables and zontik umbrella designed for casamania, furnish the space. oh chairs and sway trash cans designed for umbra are also part of the design.



karim rashid: fun factory berlin oh chairs, kouch sofa, vad tables etc… furnish the space



karim rashid: fun factory berlin library area



karim rashid: fun factory berlin stairways down to the main floor



rubber flooring by dalsouple, UK lines the stairs.



karim rashid: fun factory berlin ground floor



the main space – ground floor and back room retail – is also covered in a patterned laminate flooring karim rashid designed for parador. he has also created custom retail units, produced by slide, italy to display the various erotic toys and items fun factory has to offer. continuing the pattern on the floor, art borders wallpaper developed for marburg, germany and custom wallpaper cover the walls.



karim rashid: fun factory berlin



karim rashid: fun factory berlin custom retail display units designed by karim rashid and produced by slide, italy showcase fun factory’s various erotic products



karim rashid: fun factory berlin back room retail area where lingerie and intimate clothing are displayed, on the floor is karim rashid’s custom carpet design for maltzahn, germany



karim rashid: fun factory berlin



karim rashid: fun factory berlin



karim rashid: fun factory berlin washroom interior



project info:


designer: karim rashid project architects: camila tariki, cece stelljes, julie hyunju lee and evan mccollough  from karim rashid inc. graphics: höwel werbung – gd, bremen local architect: bernd rosin for ypsilonbau gmbh, berlin security + sales system consultant: ziehm sicherheitstechnik, berlin general contractor: ypsilonbau gmbh millwork: kathrein tischlerei gmbh, berlin printed films: böttiger-media, berlin