for his latest creation, japanese designer kazuhiro yamanaka brings about an unexpected twist to lighting furniture with his collapsible moon lampthanks to a photo reflecting structure, the user can manipulate the object in such a way to make it expand or collapse.



video courtesy of  kazuhiro yamanaka 

kazuhiro yamanaka moon lamp designboom
step by step process showing how to open/close the collapsible moon lamp, like a photo-reflector



for the lighting feature, kazuhiro yamanaka has embedded a LED strip which is located inside the edge of the spring steel frame —  towards the center of the circle. as a result, the extended surface of the lamp illuminates itself like a full moon. the colors of the LED can also be changed to obtain different hues and ambiances. 

kazuhiro yamanaka moon lamp designboom
example of the collapsible moon lamp laid out in a space

kazuhiro yamanaka moon lamp designboom
kazuhiro yamanaka moon lamp as a floor accessory 



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