kenya hara reveals logo proposal for the 2020 tokyo olympics
all images courtesy of kenya hara




following plagiarism claims and extensive controversy regarding the emblem design of the 2020 tokyo olympics, the winning proposal by kenjiro sano has been withdrawn. the ongoing complications prompted the event’s organizing committee to start the entire process from scratch, launching an open competition for the olympic and paralympic games identity on october 16th. the recreation of call for entries essentially eliminated the previously-proposed ideas of hundreds of applicants from current consideration.


in wake of these recent developments, japanese graphic designer kenya hara, founder of hara design institute, decided to publish his original submitted proposal, supporting graphics, and reference material. in the realization of the olympic and paralympic games emblem, hara has visualized symbolic interpretations of a heartbeat and a celestial body, incorporated into a single spherical composition. colored in red and featuring gold details, the mark indicates both the traditional japanese color of dynamism and passion, and subtly hints at the idea of winning a gold medal.

the logo visualized on a banner, as a ticket and on official documents

multi-dimensional graphic interpretations of the emblem sphere

application of the emblem on identification cards for athletes

application of the logos on athlete aircraft

the logo is applied to olympic memorabilia, merchandise and souvenirs

application of an enlarged logo mark on the running track field

the dual logos are envisioned within the public space

visualization of the logo in situ on the stairs leading to the stadium

advertisement proposals for the various athletic events

the development of information graphic design for the various sports

the logo is imagined on various costumes and fashion for the participating countries

the emblem can even be adapted into a system of celebratory fireworks