the ‘yeh wall table’ by taiwan-based designer kenyon yeh for danish design brand menu’s 2014 collection is a two-legged leaning side piece. the design comes in a flatpack assemblage of components with its surface and leg separated, making it easy to install. made from powder coated steel and tube, its circular tabletop folds at a right angle to a point that clings onto the wall, preventing it from toppling over. the table was presented at maison & objet fair and stockholm furniture fair and is based on a previous design, the ‘kaki side table’

the table was presented at maison & objet fair and stockholm furniture fair by danish design brand menu
image © menu



‘the idea came from a cheerleader practice I passed by one day on my way to work, two students were rehearsing strength and balance. the male student was in sitting position up against a wall (but without a chair) and the female student was standing on his thighs. the table mimics the position of the male student, back resting on the wall and two legs angled away from the wall for stability,’ says yeh.

the piece functions as a bedside table or resting next to a sofa
image © menu 

kenyon yeh develops the two-legged yeh wall table for menu
the table can be used to rest books, magazines, flowerpots, table lamps, small objects or coffee
image © menu

yeh wall table low version
image © menu 

yeh wall table tall version
image © menu



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