kettal takes the lounge coziness outdoors with free-flowing pavilion H

kettal takes the lounge coziness outdoors with free-flowing pavilion H

the pavilion h series COMBINEs ELEGANCE WITH comfort


For a cocktail in the garden or some cozy snuggling in the backyard, free-standing and transparent system Pavilion H by Kettal transforms into an outdoors lounge area. Elements like luminosity, transparency and structural lightness come together in the pergola-modelled design. The metallically constructed Pavilion can be configured in any desired context as the customer wishes with a vast choice of aluminum colors and fabric options. Embellished in furniture by Vincent Van Duysen and Naoto Fukasawa, the three versions of the Kettal Pavilion turn into dreamy, open-air living rooms. 

kettal takes the lounge coziness outdoors with free-flowing pavilion H
(above) Pavilion 1 under the warm sunset colors

(banner) Pavilion 2 reflecting on the darker calming waters
All images courtesy of Kettal



the aluminum structures can be custom-configured


The Pavilion H series by Kettal includes various models of aluminum structures developed to be integrated within any architectural environment. The open spaces come with a number of alternatives to choose from regarding ceilings, which include waterproof, polycarbonate, venetian, electric bioclimatic, aluminum, wood, and more. Options also cover side panels that range from sliding ones in fabric, wood and aluminum, or fixed panels with shelves, aluminum or wooden adjustable blinds, and stone and glass side panels with curtains, and others. 



Moreover, the models also comprise various spotlights for lighting amongst power sockets and TV stands. Customers are able to configure their own layout with a choice of more than 30 aluminum colors and more than 50 fabric options on offer in the terrain fabrics and parallels collections.

kettal takes the lounge coziness outdoors with free-flowing pavilion H
The models also include various models of spotlights for lighting amongst power sockets and TV stands (Pavilion 2)



giro collection & tou blend indoors coziness with out


Interiors blend with the exteriors as the tactile lines of the furniture Giro collection by Vincent Van Duysen decorate the range of pavilions. The armchairs and coffee tables welcome a cozy comfort as the combination of the tweak gives off a natural aspect, bringing together materiality with elegance. A big source of inspiration was the designer’s Orkney Chair- an example of vernacular product design developed with Kettal’s technology expertise. Instead of using real rope, this time, Giro hinges on the flexibility of recycled polypropylene and on a more industrially produced series. the respect for the tradition and craftsmanship evolves into a more modern version with a sustainable material that can withstand all kinds of weather.



‘We attached a deep attention to the intrinsic qualities of each material: the pattern of the rope (twisted), its thickness, its stitching and sewing details. But also, the joinery details, definition of edge radius, sections of the teak. In Giro, we have some variety of shapes, textures and materials (see the difference between the seating items and the coffee and side tables). And still all the items merge harmoniously together to create a warm, tactile and pleasant atmosphere,’ explains the designer.

kettal takes the lounge coziness outdoors with free-flowing pavilion H
The materials of each pavilion are simple and completely natural (Pavilion 2)



Naoto Fukasawa complements the coziness with the ‘Tou’ chair. the product is designed as a tribute to ancient handicraft, whilst bringing together more industrial processes. Instead of using the most common form of mesh weaving, the striped vertical lines introduce a more lighter and much more expressive texture. As a result, the outline is smooth and soft, following the natural shapes provided by the material.



The handicraft of rattan and reed wickerwork has been used for all kinds of domestic utensils, furniture and more. The materials are simple and completely natural, but the internal structure of the stem consists of hundreds of cavities, making it both strong and light,’ says the japanese designer



Naoto Fukasawa’s ‘Tou’ Chair and Vincent Van Duysen’s Giro collection decorate Pavilion H

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