how can our bathroom experiences be even further enhanced? by combining water with light suggest the experts at KEUCO, who’ve developed a bathroom lighting solution that corresponds to our natural biorhythms.

KEUCO's holistic bathroom lighting solution matches natural biorhythms
source of pleasure: the KEUCO shower light is an example of the successful fusion of two important functions in the bathroom into a single elegant design object. suitable for uncompromising, everyday use. here in combination with the iconic IXMO fitting



the special interfaces in architecture and design are where boundaries dissolve and fascinating processes emerge. spaces, materials and matter meld together at these critical junctures, dispelling resistance and clearing the path for new experiences that were not previously possible in this form.


so why not let water and light mix and mingle? both ‘fluid’ in their own way, these elements are not easily tangible and yet touch us in profound and personal ways, as vitalizing sources of life-giving power. with its lighting solutions for the bathroom, german bathroom supplier KEUCO is wholly dedicated to the user’s well-being by ensuring the right dose of light during our daily body care rituals. consistent with human biorhythms, these light settings awaken an abundance of beneficial hormones, imparting fresh energy in the morning and a calming effect in the evening.

KEUCO's holistic bathroom lighting solution matches natural biorhythms
the EDITION 90 bathroom elements combine round and angular shapes and a distinctive materiality. 90 degree angles brings a clear design language to the bathroom, and in combination with the KEUCO shower light, create sensual bathrooms experiences



the innovative aluminum shower luminaire, which can be integrated into the royal midas lighting concept, brings all this into well-orchestrated harmony. the combination of ceiling luminaire and large, integrated showerhead, which can be controlled intuitively via a room switch, goes all out, resulting in a holistic, sensual shower experience that reaches new horizons of well-being and indulgence with continuously adjustable light intensity between 6500 kelvin in daylight mode and 2700 kelvin for the warm white setting. with the chosen lighting mood, the water droplets that flow from the ring-shaped shower head are also presented to best effect, before cascading down on the body like a gentle rainfall.


the shower light is equipped with the latest LED technology and blends unobtrusively and elegantly into the overall bathroom aesthetic, thanks to its white powder-coated finish. it provides yet another compelling illustration of how the bathroom can be composed down to the smallest detail – an aspiration to which KEUCO has dedicated itself since its founding. but the visual appearance is only half the story: the technology behind it must also satisfy the requirements of architects and users. KEUCO relies on the established ‘digital addressable lighting interface’ system, or DALI for short, through which all lights in the bathroom can be synchronously controlled.

KEUCO's holistic bathroom lighting solution matches natural biorhythmsKEUCO's holistic bathroom lighting solution matches natural biorhythms
beams of light and water. the right mix of individually regulated brightness and well-tempered drops on the skin creates the best conditions for a refreshing start to the day as well as for pleasurable relaxation in the evening



the bathroom is the ideal setting for showcasing the emotional qualities of light. ‘royal midas is the first concept for a networked illuminated bathroom. this means that ceiling-mounted luminaires are connected to mirror cabinets, illuminated mirrors and cosmetic mirrors,’ explains dirk hagedorn, head of marketing and product development at KEUCO. ‘one advantage is that the color temperatures, including those of the shower light, are always identical. the second advantage is that you can program your own favorites among the different light scenarios. these can be easily saved using a conventional light switch. the coordinated lighting guarantees perfect harmony in the bathroom.


wellness starts with user-friendliness, an essential point that should not be overlooked. ‘for us, it is important to make bathrooms attractive and to integrate complex functionalities in the design,’ notes hagedorn, with references to intuitive use and the motto ‘less can do more’. this approach is optimally represented by the IXMO series of fittings, which, like the fine-tuning of the right lighting settings, offers the full spectrum of functionality and aesthetics. the name says it all here, resulting from the expression ‘x möglichkeiten’ – or x-number of possibilities.

KEUCO's holistic bathroom lighting solution matches natural biorhythms
X factor: keuco’s IXMO fitting is intuitive and easy to operate thanks to its compact bundling of functions. because it gives architects the greatest possible planning freedom, IXMO is a declared favorite even before a drop of water has fallen



the fact that less can actually be more is quickly evident with the IXMO shower fittings. bundling the various functions reduces the number of fitting elements on the wall and generates a calm aesthetic. this is precisely where KEUCO takes on a pioneering role, having succeeded in integrating a three-way stop and diverter valve, wall outlet for the shower hose, and hand shower bracket in just one module while making the fittings individually positionable. the IXMO system is also extremely flexible when it comes to the different functions and gives planners and architects exceptional design freedom: up to three water outlets, the showerhead, hand shower with shower rail or wall bracket, dousing shower and spa hose can all be combined with one another as required.

KEUCO's holistic bathroom lighting solution matches natural biorhythms
going all out. with royal midas, you can create individual lighting scenarios to match the time of day or personal mood. all KEUCO light sources – from make-up mirrors to ceiling lights – are integrated



this development perfectly embodies the innovative spirit of KEUCO, whose company history dates back to the 1950s, where it all began with the fabrication of high-quality bathroom accessories. ‘making a difference is what our product developments are all about. the difference can be found in the functionality. or in the product design. or better yet, in both – paired with excellent KEUCO quality,’ asserts hagedorn with conviction. all that remains is deciding on the surface, and that, too, is simple and straightforward. there is a choice of the classic finishes in chrome, stainless steel and aluminium as well as brushed versions in bronze, nickel and black chrome. here too, the company remains true to its own guiding principle: inexhaustible variety from just one single piece. so ‘little’, so good.



guest feature by barbara jahn-rösel / architonic