‘tracks’ headphones by kibisi, in production by aiaiai image © designboom

composed of a number of interchangeable parts to facilitate customization and portability, ‘tracks’ headphones are designed by kibisi (lars larsen of kilo design, bjarke ingels of BIG architects, and jens skibsted of skibsted ideation) and in production by aiaiai, copenhagen-based consumer electronics production studio. awarded by the danish design center with the biannually-awarded danish design prize for 2010/2011, the headphones were on display during copenhagen design week 2011.

the single brace design of ‘tracks’ utilizes a stainless steel headband, coloured slider connectors, basic sound unit, and detachable open-cell foam ear pads, the latter three of which are produced in a range of colours and can be interchanged.  a 3-button in-line microphone with volume control is built onto 2mm cables (which are also produced in multiple colours), along with a Y-connector to prevent tangling.

each headphone is sold with three different coloured sliders, which snap into the metal brace and connect to the ear cups. the fit of the device can be adjusted by sliding the connectors in place along the rail-track model band. the designers took influence from the aesthetics of 1980s sony headphones in producing a streamlined and customizable product.

kibisi: tracks headphones for aiaiai full view of headphones

kibisi: tracks headphones for aiaiai package view, depicting the interchangeable components

kibisi: tracks headphones for aiaiai full view, white

kibisi: tracks headphones for aiaiai full frontal and profile views

kibisi: tracks headphones for aiaiai diverse colour stereo plug

designer of the headphones lars larsen, creative director of kibisi, discusses the headphone design

kibisi: tracks headphones for aiaiai ‘tracks’ headphones were on exhibition alongside other danish design prize winners during copenhagen design week at the danish design center pavilion in the harborside kvæsthusmolen zone image © designboom

kibisi: tracks headphones for aiaiai

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