‘KICKBACK’ loungewear, hand-crafted from kevlar


Designer duo Tian Wang and Teague Miller have launched ‘Kickback,’ a full, upcoming line of bullet-resistant loungewear and amenities inspired by the United States’ 100+ daily firearm fatalities. Hand-crafted from heavy duty kevlar, the ‘Kickback’ bathrobes are lined with bulletproof body plates, offering the protection and peace of mind needed in a country rocked by shootings anywhere and anytime. Meanwhile, the team created color and material-coordinating slippers that ‘all but guarantee your feet and toes stay fashionably safe from self-inflicted incidents.’ 

bullet resistant loungewear made from kevlar 1

all images © David López Osuna



These one-size-fits-most slides will ensure your lil’ piggies go wee-wee-wee all the way home, everyday intact and still attached to the rest of your body. And they’re comfortable—unlike the truth! Don’t let our nation’s problems become your own. Kick back with Kickback today!‘ continues the team.


Tiang Wang (see more here) and Teague Miller were joined by fashion designer Minnie Park from Mirae Studio, who produced the ‘Kickback’ loungewear using the synthetic fiber known as Kevlar, strong enough to stop bullets and knife from breaking its barrier to reach the skin. 

bullet resistant loungewear made from kevlar 2

coordinating slippers made from kevlar

bullet resistant loungewear made from kevlar 3

the ‘Kickback’ loungewear includes a sleeping mask

bullet resistant loungewear made from kevlar 4

hand-crafted collection by Minnie Park 

this bullet-resistant loungewear sheds light on america’s 100+ daily firearm fatalities
a collection inspired by America’s daily firearm fatalities



project info:


name: Kickback bathrobes
design: Tian Wang and Teague Miller

wardrobe: Minnie Park / Mirae Studio 

original copy: Betsy Dickerson

photography: David López Osuna



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