kitchen ecology: recipes for good design

june 26 – 28, 2009

kitchen ecology: recipes for good design

dwell on design, los angeles

from the humble fireplace to electrical oven cooktops, kitchens have evolved over time to become much more than simply an area for cooking. nowadays it is a place for eating and socializing – an integral part of our daily lifestyle. as the new hub of the modern home, we expect more from our kitchen – convenience, comfort, cleanliness, the latest technology – while simultaneously demanding less – less energy consumption, water usage, and waste.

it’s a delicate balance, and one that is in a constant state of this spirit of evolving the archetype, designboom in collaboration with dwell on design will host a ‘kitchen ecology: recipes for good design’ exhibition. it’s now time for a kitchen strategy session, making it the ideal place to reduce our environmental impact. just like with any recipe, we need to modify our habits and experiment with new (and old) ingredients and methods to be successful.

‘kitchen ecology: recipes for good design’, this curated group show will express subjects and details of our kitchen environment by analyzing the ongoing conflict of ecology and consumerism. it will feature works from the freshest young and upcoming international designers, exploring ways to tweak the basic ingredients to produce the most eco-friendly, energy efficient models possible.

taking part in ‘kitchen ecology: recipes for good design’ is a great opportunity to show your talent, share your ideas and suggest ways to go green.

if you wish to exhibit with designboom enroll now!

please send us your design work of practical kitchen accessories, objects and utensils for food preparation, cooking, cool storage, new waste containers, … innovations that combine effective design with environmental issues and energy/water conservation.

you can send us drawings and / or photos of prototypes of what you would like to show in this exhibition.