L: ‘anti-war’, 1971 (public poster) R: ‘andala of characters’, 2000 (poster for the printing museum, tokyo)

the japanese graphic designer and artist kiyoshi awazu passed away late last month at the age of 80. awazu was well-known in japan for his diverse range of work that spans almost 60 years. he was a best-known for his graphic design, but was also involved in urban design and even worked as an art director in films. awazu’s work included early pieces using traditional japanese brush and ink and more contemporary pieces combining photography and hand-drawn elements. kiyoshi awazu died of pneumonia on april 29th in kawasaki, japan.


kiyoshi awazu 1929 2009 L: ‘shonin-shinran’, 1957 (film poster) R: ‘metabolizm’, 1968 (book poster)kiyoshi awazu 1929 2009L: ‘woman in dune’, 1964 (movie poster) R: ‘jose torres’, 1958 (movie poster)

kiyoshi awazu 1929 2009 L: ‘nishijin’, 1961 (film poster) R: ‘vines from the dead of honegami ridge’, 1970 (theatre poster)