‘geometric’ prototype by ko-ho

finnish design firm ko-ho (matti korpela and timo hoisko) have created ‘geometric’, a prototype hemp composite chair. the design takes into account the life cycle of the product, from material acquisition to disposal. after a series of tests, the mix enables the manufacturing to be completed in one step, minimizing the energy needed. although hemp has been used before, this particular composition requires finnish winter-doused hemp, where the plant is left over winter, unharvested under a blanket of snow. when the sun comes out in spring and warms up the fiber, it undergoes a natural process which removes the pectin and gives it the quality needed during the production process. this is usually done through processing, however that requires emissions and energy.

ko ho: geometric hemp chair view from back

the form of the chair contributes to its stability. the stepped form adds strength to the overall structure while allowing the objects to be stacked. although this product is durable and should last for generations, should it need to be disposed of, it can be burned without any harmful emissions.

the design was presented during milan design week 2012 at the temporarium museum for new design exhibition by superstudio group.

see designboom’s coverage of werner aisslinger’s hemp chair for more examples of how the natural fiber is being used. 

ko ho: geometric hemp chair the stepping pattern continues throughout the chair 

ko ho: geometric hemp chair the seating object is stackable 

ko ho: geometric hemp chair the form results in the structural stability and comfort of the chair 

ko ho: geometric hemp chair detail