transwheel concept proves future delivery drones don’t necessarily need to fly
all images courtesy of kobi shiker




as a final project at shenkar college in israel, industrial design student kobi shiker introduces a set of  concept robot drones named ‘transwheel’, that will help in the field of transportation and delivery. it is an autonomous robotic wheel what a self balancing system with retractable electric arms and GPS communication capabilities that enable it to operate in isolation or as a troop. they’d be able to carry out delivery needs around the clock, as small as courier boxes and as big as shipping containers. kobi’s ‘transwheel’ concept expands upon unmanned flying drones that are getting a fair amount of development from popular stores like amazon and walmart, with wheeled counterparts that would be more robust and versatile.


concept introduction 
video courtesy of kobi shiker


transwheel concept designboom‘transwheels’ using road infrastructure


transwheel concept designbooma group can manage larger boxes 


transwheel concept designboomlarger shipments can deliver straight to the customer 


transwheel concept designboomwith LEDs, the robots can travel at night


transwheel concept designboommultiple robots work together to handle shipping containers 


transwheel concept designboomthe top view of the ‘transwheel’


transwheel concept designboomthe side view with retractable arms


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edited by: piotr boruslawski | designboom