‘palio’ by konstantin grcic for plank

core leather, a material typically used for saddles or horse tacks, is suspended on a stainless steel tube frame for ‘palio’, a chair by german designer konstantin grcic for italian furniture manufacturer plank. the cupped shape is formed from the sturdy material which is usually used for saddles and belts due to its thickness and durability.

‘it is an attractive, very sturdy leather that gains in beauty as it ages. what I really like about leather is how well it can be shaped three-dimensionally, like we know from shoes and bicycle seats. because of these characteristics, we can completely dispense with upholstery and lining materials.‘ – konstantin grcic

grcic worked together with italian craftsmen to construct the seat’s shape, composed of two stable leather layers, which, without any interior lining, conforms to the body of the sitter. holding up the backrest and seat are matte-black anodized aluminum cylinders which transition from the legs to become the structural framework of the chair.

‘palio’ was on show at salone del mobile during milan design week 2012.

konstantin grcic: palio chair for plankthe steel front legs continue upwards to become the form of the backrest

konstantin grcic: palio chair for plankview from back 

konstantin grcic: palio chair for plank the chair is made for hospitality environments such as hotels and restaurants