dish of light C, 2012 material: iron. copper plating size: W260mm x D215mm x H350mm weight: 1.8kg

the two dimensional geometric elements which are used to create each lamp which comprise kyouei design studio‘s ‘dish of light’ collection, offer an abstract aesthetic to what at first might not seem like a lighting object. the group of four pieces unambiguously named A,B,C and D are each composed of similar components – central circular shapes which are arranged in combination with more quadrilateral sections – resulting in minimalist sculptural designs. the disc-like shades of each light rotate, allowing the user to control the intensity of the luminescence.

kyouei design: dish of light the disc-like elements rotate to reflect light

the two dishes placed perpendicularly to one another in ‘dish of light C’ in order to reflect and/or shade light off of a rectangular board which is placed directly in front of it. this piece maintains a balance to the overall form of the lamp, the disc-like shade portion rotating and changing direction freely.

kyouei design: dish of light when illuminated the copper tones in combination with the lighting element emit a warm glow

kyouei design: dish of light dish of light A, 2012 material: iron, 24k gold plating. size: W550mm x D220mm x H220mm weight: 1.0kg

  the linear formation of ‘dish of light A’, extends horizontally and is balanced at one end by two plate elements which offer shading.

kyouei design: dish of light plate details

kyouei design: dish of light the form extends horizontally balanced by circular elements at one end

kyouei design: dish of light dish of light B, 2012 material: iron size: W340mm x D150mm x H236mm weight: 1.0kg

the light source of ‘dish of light B’, is hung from a horizontal element which continues upwards into a ‘C’ shape in which the plate, which acts as the lamp shade features a uniform curve so that it can fit precisely within.

kyouei design: dish of light view of the lighting element in relation to the shade

kyouei design: dish of light dish of light D, 2012 material: iron, trivalent chromel plating size: W780mm x D215mm x H35mm weight: 2.4kg

the overall balance of ‘dish of light D’ is maintained by a board which is placed off centre between the two identical lamp shade components.  

kyouei design: dish of light a rectangular board offers balance between the circular elements of the lamp