‘bidum’ by laetitia florin  images courtesy of laetitia florin / ECAL

recent ecole cantonale d’art de lausanne graduate, laetitia florin has designed ‘bidum’, a dynamic form that is affected by both its context and environment.

the object, which is only defined by what it contains, is handcrafted out of spring steel wrapped in cotton and held together by hidden rivets.

laetitia florin: bidum top view

research for the project initially began with the observation of lines and grids, their interactions, the resulting illusions and how they move and interfere with their surroundings.

laetitia florin: bidum side view

the limber mesh of the form moves with the slightest breeze or motion without collapsing or tumbling, giving the object ‘life’ while altering its overall form and appearance.

laetitia florin: bidum

laetitia florin: bidum

laetitia florin: bidum construction process

laetitia florin: bidum prototyping

laetitia florin: bidum concept sketches and models

Bidum from Laetitia on Vimeo.

Bidum in the wind from Laetitia on Vimeo.