textile art by laokoon evolves through artificial forces and materials
all images courtesy of laokoon




laokoon‘s ‘textile art’ is a composition of technology, material science, and natural organic forms. it relies on the traditional sewing and weaving techniques of plastic strands. according to the company: ‘tradition is not the wisdom of the past but it is alive and moving. laokoon’s structural technology originated from earlier studies, but it also involves a 21st century production and design technology.’


video courtesy of laokoon




the project is an open framework; it evolves as one attaches new materials to it, demonstrating its own personality. ultimately, the intent is that the appearance is in constant flux. all artificial forces that impact the sculpture evolve into curves and waves; they converge into a certain dynamic harmony and serenity. you affect the body a certain way and it responds by taking on a bio-morphological shape that pleases the eye and stimulates creativity and imagination.

laokoon textile art moving structure
closeup of the body




at present, the world tends to follow minimalist ideas in which everyone seems to simplify and purify. ‘laokoon’ reverses this process with a mantra stating that life and nature are full of shapes, colors, and emotions. each design is influenced by moments such as a dance of the morning sun’s rays, or as buds transforms into blooming flowers, or the portrayal of the northern lights. the textiles and objects borrow energy and passion from these images.

laokoon textile art moving structure
the pieces morph with the sun

laokoon textile art moving structure
each component responds to added materials and forces

laokoon textile art moving structure
the piece is in constant flux



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