l’arte della cucina poster design contest celebrates barilla sauce in italian cuisine




the italian culture is famously known for its appreciation of the art of cooking, use of natural ingredients and mastery of creative cuisine. barilla has for the last 140 years, been a major part of this history, embodying the spirit of tradition and artistry that epitomizes italy’s culinary refinement, bringing only the freshest tastes into the kitchen. with an enthusiasm extending beyond the boundaries of food, founder pietro barilla’s innate passion for the arts drove his interest as a benefactor and collector, marking barilla as an early innovator in 20th century poster graphics. over the decades, designers and artists — from 19 century painter emma bonazzi to architect and designer erberto carboni — have lent their hand to barilla’s archive of illustrations, drawing inspiration from the celebratory act of cooking to create vivid and pictorial posters, influenced by the art of the times.

barilla l’arte della cucina poster design competition
1952 poster ‘pasta for the healthy appetite’ by erberto carboni




encompassing this union of food and art, barilla is hosting the ‘l’arte della cucina’ poster design contest, created to generate novel expressions of their sauce that incorporate the fresh-from-the-garden taste they exemplify, with the vision of italian cuisine. as a celebration of the spirit that drives both chef and artist, the contest challenges creatives to source inspiration from the vivid and pure flavors experienced and enjoyed from barilla sauce in the conception of a fresh, visual interpretation of the brand. the competition invites and invigorates innovative and forward thinking, asking participants to serve up saucy, stylish representations of the barilla sauce brand.

barilla l’arte della cucina poster design competition
1937 poster ‘bonaventura competition’ by alfredo cavadini




the contest is open to united states residents. to qualify, submit your poster design here. the top 5 finalists will be chosen by a panel of judges, but the public will determine the winner! the first prize recipient and one guest will receive a one week cultural trip to italy, which includes cooking classes at academia barilla in parma, and tours of milano art museums and design schools (or the monetary equivalent, up to $10,000). other potential recognition includes the artwork being used in future barilla marketing communications.

barilla l’arte della cucina poster design competition
‘l’arte della cucina’ poster design contest aims to generate novel expressions of barilla sauce



the deadline for submission is october 10th, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST. for more information on how to participate, visit: https://www.barillafactory.com/