LAUFEN bathrooms open its new showroom in madrid, spain, having had its interior designed by patricia urquiola. situated inside of a historic villa from the early 1900s, the exhibit room boasts almost 200 square meters of space spread out over two levels. the spanish designer has created a space of vivid and engaging experiences that perfectly greets industry professionals, architects and other designers.

entrance to the madrid showroom
all images courtesy of LAUFEN



the idea was to create a space with multiple functionalities, a new kind of showroom, where people can also work.‘ says patricia urquiolaan elegant and strict space with fine materials, like marbles mixed with onix, glass, resin and oak wood inspired by the materials usually used for the design bathroom.

the two bathtubs in the spectacular lobby, are from the ‘ino’ collection by toan nguyen
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after being welcomed in by the magnificent installation in the entrance room, guests are drawn to LAUFEN collections that are displayed in their own specific space and context. with the creations from the ‘palomba’, ‘kartell’, ‘ino’ and ‘val’ ranges, the madrid showroom displays the swiss brand’s most innovative, influential and current products. the different bathrooms sit harmoniously in context, yet are surrounded by the other collections. this again showcases patricia urquiola’s flexible talents and employment of a more sensitive approach to the interior.

a union of the ‘ino’ and the ‘val’ collection by konstatin grcic
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working with international creatives on the highest possible level is constantly bringing new perspectives to our organization. we have embraced the aspirational dialogue with patricia urquiola. the findings of this new showroom show the continuous movement of our brand and business‘, says marc viardot, director marketing and products at LAUFEN.

the room manages to give life to a cozy atmosphere



as well as the collection displays, LAUFEN bathrooms’ new showroom also features a mock-up room where designers and architects can review the status of their actual projects. furthermore the retail space also holds two meeting rooms that are accompanied by a material library. this provides the professionals with technical information in order to encourage additional creativity.

the space’s blend of robust and sensuous contours lends a special charm to the ‘palomba’ collection


the ‘kartell‘ collection for LAUFEN bathrooms
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located on the first floor, the line emphasizes the combination of marble and onyx 


the training room provides the facilities for designers to experience the different products, materials and finishes


the meeting room includes a library of materials