the LAUFEN modern sanitary rooms exhibition at the orgatec 2016 fair, reflects the dynamism and flexibility of today’s workplaces and how office bathrooms are an integral part of this. presenting at the cologne-based furniture show for the very first time, the swiss brand illustrates how bathrooms are becoming a central interface between the working process and health-conscious lifestyle. silicon valley companies are a key reference for them, as they highlight the growing trend for office-based fitness and wellness facilities and programs.

the stand is LAUFEN’s first exhibition at an orgatec show
all images courtesy of LAUFEN



LAUFEN’s stand was created by italian designers and architects ludovica and roberto palomba, and utilizes an expansive mirrored screen to reflect specifically curated bathroom units and a selection of their product range. this includes; individual washbasins made of saphirkeramik from the collections; ‘kartell by LAUFEN‘, ‘living’, ‘val’ by konstantin grcic, and ‘ino’ by toan nguyen, as well as the ‘antero’ urinal and ‘cinto’ urinal dividing wall. presenting a variety of modern suggestions for spatially closed units in offices, each sanitary room is fitted in an individual design language and feature different utilities.

the ‘modern sanitary room’s installation was designed by ludovica and roberto palomba



the LAUFEN ‘modern sanitary rooms’ stand features inside of the VITRAwork’ project, which explores the future of work environments and the many different types of companies that will shape them. in doing so, the swiss brand is contributing in a constructive exchange that takes a holistic approach at imagining the workplaces of the future. looking past the fair, the brand’s exhibition hopes to result in future collaborations with architects, and interior and industrial designers, and their responses to what office ‘modern sanitary rooms’ may look like.

the ‘antero’ urinal and ‘cinto’ urinal dividing wall


the stand showcases the company’s innovative saphirkeramik material and technology


the expansive mirror reflects the spatially closed bathroom units



each unit has been fitted in one design language


the ‘val’ collection by konstantin grcic was one of the ranges on display


the ‘ino’ by toan nguyen