LAUFEN saphirkeramic nguyen ISH designboom
LAUFEN presents new products by toan nguyen at ISH 2015 in frankfurt
(above)new bathroom furniture, tube and washbasin with shelf by toan ngyuen 




for the last few years, leader in the field of producing porcelain sanitary ware LAUFEN, has been working extensively on perfecting saphirkeramik — an innovative ceramic material that has revolutionized the world of bathrooms as a result of its strength, lightness and subtlety. the compound draws its strength from sapphire, which makes it twice as durable and more environmentally friendly than similar mediums of its kind; as less raw materials and less water result in lighter and thinner pieces,which are not normally feasible with traditional ceramics.

LAUFEN saphirkeramic nguyen ISH designboom
wall-mounted wash basin




the innovation and experimentation that extends from the research of saphirkeramik is always put to the test creatively, stemming from LAUFEN’s continued commitment to high-quality and design, as seen previously in collaborations with ludovica and roberto palomba in 2013; and konstantin grcic and toan nguyen in 2014.


konstantin grcic and toan nguyen‘s designs which were originally presented as concepts expressing the possibilities of LAUFEN’s saphirkermik during milan design week 2014, but have now become a reality. grcic looked at offering the maximum definition of detail to LAUFEN products conceiving a line of sinks that have the look of jewelry — each one characterized by a series of functional details that assume a valence as highly decorative.

LAUFEN saphirkeramic nguyen ISH designboom
new washbasin




toan nguyen explored the properties of saphirkeramik by elaborating on the production possibilities the compound offers with a wall-mounted sink with shelf — interpreting the resilience of saphirkeramik, and the unlimited ways in which to process the material. on the occasion of the ISH 2015 — the world’s biggest showcase of innovative bathroom products and systems — in frankfurt, LAUFEN debuts new products by nguyen, which include a sinuous bathtub and semi-recessed washbasin.