al gore by atelier ted noten a backpack which is made from 50 kg of acrylic and a tomtom set for a slowly melting glacier in switzerland

laughing prohibited! is an exhibition which is part of dutch design week. the show embraces humour as a technical tool for creatives. it asks the visitor to take a further look into the matter: what does the work put forth? debating the quality of artistic freedom of expression. laughing prohibited! enhances an exchange of experiences and knowledge about humour.  ‘when do we laugh, why do we laugh and why should we laugh?, expressing techniques, strategies and issues of conception and representation, relating directly to the classic issues of design processes – the for and context of production.

the exhibition is curated by freek lomme and david keune and showcases the work of: anthony kleinepier, atelier van lieshout, bas van beek, erwin wurm, daniel eatock, jorre van ast, heim steimbach, helmut smits, marti guixe, oooms, atelier ted noten and lara de greef.

laughing prohibited! is on show until october 25th at 209 emmasingel 7, eindhoven the netherlands, de bruine heer: onomatopee

laughing prohibited! exhibition, eindhoven do not touch(counter balanaced shelves) by daniel eatock

‘do not touch’ consists of five pine planks, each 6 feet in length, five metal brackets, tools and materials from the gagllery utility closet or found on the surrounding gallery grounds. each shelf is balanced on a single bracket, all maintaining their level balance by the precise placement of the objects they bear.

laughing prohibited! exhibition, eindhovenrise and fall by daniel eatockone coloured balloon filled with helium touches the ceiling, connected by a white ribbon to a second balloon filled with breath resting on the floor / table

laughing prohibited! exhibition, eindhoven bookend by daniel eatock

laughing prohibited! exhibition, eindhovensport nouveau by atelier van lieshout

laughing prohibited! exhibition, eindhovengold plated staples by oooms golden staples which can be worn on your jacket lapel

laughing prohibited! exhibition, eindhovengold plated staples by oooms