re-loved exhibition powerhouse museum sydney, australia on now until 10 october, 2010

re-lava ed: geometries beyond the blob all images courtesy chris bosse

australian architect chris bosse has sliced up the panton chair as part of the re-loved: designer stories exhibition at the powerhouse museum, sydney.

bosse, director of architectural firm LAVA, is one of several designers commissioned by the powerhouse to use a pre-loved chair to tell a story about a piece of furniture they love. he chose a design classic that relates to current design and manufacturing techniques. the panton chair  by danish designer verner panton (c1967) was a departure from traditional design and manufacturing techniques. it anticipated the digital revolution by 30 years and is the first freeform, organic molded piece of furniture.

LAVA: re loved

‘i’ve chosen to represent this shape as slices, similar to an mri scan in order to make visible its complex 3 dimensional geometry. the chair is metaphorically and physically carved out of a sliced box ‘ says bosse.

LAVA: re loved