LED candle chandelier by moritz waldemeyer, on exhibition during milan design week 2012 image © designboom

during milan design week 2012, german-born, london-based new media designer moritz waldemeyer presents his LED candles, showcasing the soft lighting pieces in a threaded chandelier, as well as scattered throughout the space as candlesticks.

each ‘candle’ is an individual unit, comprised of a custom-designed 250-LED panel and circuitry. waldemeyer explained to designboom that he programmed the behaviour of the ‘flame’ based on video footage of actual candles, converting the moving imagery to pixel data and working with a software engineer to code each individual LED to reflect the movement of the flame, achieving an extremely realistic representation. from a slight distance or in darkened settings, the pixels meld together and the top of the lighting unit disappears, leaving only a virtual flame visible and flickering atop a candle-like form.

the project is on exhibition for milan design week 2012 as part of ingo maurer‘s ‘a dozen red things’ showcase at spazio krizia.

LED candles by moritz waldemeyer closer view of the virtual flame image © designboom

LED candles by moritz waldemeyer image © designboom

LED candles by moritz waldemeyer image © designboom

LED candles by moritz waldemeyer full view of chandelier image © designboom

LED candles by moritz waldemeyer designer mortiz waldemeyer framed within the chandelier portrait © designboom

LED candles by moritz waldemeyer

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