ming vases by moritz waldemeyer



inspired by ancient chinese vases, moritz waldemeyer has created a pair of animated illuminated vases entitled ‘ming’ for the play of brilliants event being held at elephant paname dance center in paris until 31st may 2015.


the two vases use parametric techniques to create a complex geometry of stainless steel elements and custom LED boards.  each are programmed with animations on their interior surfaces: while one vase is animated with vibrant reds and oranges that evoke flickering flames – the other shows blue and turquoise animations that depict the gentle movement of water.


the choice of opposing elements further embraces the oriental inspiration with fire and water both being important elements and symbols in chinese culture. 


the steel components form part of the electronic circuit allowing power and communication to flow throughout the structure and power the animated LED’s, completely eliminating the need for wires.







‘parametric design opens up a whole new world of possibilities and i’m interested in how we can combine it with electronics. that’s where we are looking to innovate right now.’


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