‘archimedes screw type’

japanese LEGO and machinery enthusiast akiyuki builds impressive great ball contraption modules (GBC modules) out of the classic building blocks. his latest projects include a: zig-zag lift: archimedes screw type 3; pneumatic module; and sprial lift type2. each machine is built to transport numerous miniature soccer and basketballs in a technical looping path which continuously runs around the device, choreographed to hypnotically hold your attention to see what happens once all the balls have been put through the cycle…

LEGO great ball contraption modules ‘archimedes screw type’

taking its spiraling rail form from the threads of screw type 3, the ‘archimedes’ GBC module balances balls between its winding tube structure. this was a bit of a challenge for akiyuki to build as the balls kept wanting to escape through the rails due to the steep angle of the screw.

LEGO great ball contraption modules ‘sprial lift type 2’

with a PF M-motor gear ration of 16:1, the main components of the ‘spiral lift type 2’ machine are sprocket driven. the structural frames are firmly sandwiched by beams with the middle section of the module guiding the track tubing in its rotating motion.

LEGO great ball contraption modules ‘zig-zag lift’

the horizontal zig-zagging movement of this lift guides the balls upwards to the top of the module, where they are then dropped below into a large bucket, the cycle beginning once again.

LEGO great ball contraption modules ‘pneumatic module’

each of the ‘pneumatic module’s’ air cylinders work together with two air valve pieces. shock absorbers are used to compensate for the weight of the load which it transfers.

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